Deb – Getting a funky buzz on the Queen Bee

Walking along the front of Argostoli harbour, you could be forgiven for thinking that the wooden boat resembling an old pirate ship is just another of those touristy attractions that lures you on board in an effort to make you part with a few of your heard earned euros. But at a mere fifty ofContinue reading “Deb – Getting a funky buzz on the Queen Bee”

Deb – (not so) lonely hearts

I was enjoying a chilled evening swiping left last night, when a thought whizzed through my mind.   I remembered how as a teenager I would read with wonderment the ‘Lonely Heart’s’ section in the local paper and discuss with my friends who would do such a thing, and this made me realise how someContinue reading “Deb – (not so) lonely hearts”

Deb – My funky female friend Susan

Meeting with a very good friend recently reminded me how important true friendships really are. Susan and I met at work some years ago, and despite me being twenty years her senior we hit it off straight away. We seemed to share a mutual bond, we thought alike to the point of being able toContinue reading “Deb – My funky female friend Susan”

Deb – Learning to enjoy new ‘old’ hobbies

Think old people wearing wellies and fleece jackets. Think wheelbarrows spades and trowels. As a child, this used to be the image I had of life on an allotment, probably not helped by the fact that our local one was bang smack next door to my dad’s bowling green! Another old person’s hobby! So, whenContinue reading “Deb – Learning to enjoy new ‘old’ hobbies”

Deb – Online dating, is it for me?

Having lunch with my lovely friends one Saturday afternoon, we couldn’t help but notice the couple sitting next to us who seemed to be on a first date. For me, the awkwardness between them felt excruciating and affirmed my belief that dating really wasn’t going to be my thing. Especially if it meant meeting someoneContinue reading “Deb – Online dating, is it for me?”

Ali – Still funky in my fifties

When I was in my twenties and thirties, 50 seemed an eternity away. And, quite honestly, the domain of the frumpy. But now that I’ve arrived here myself (shockingly fast), I find that I don’t fit into the image I once held of the women who’d let themselves go, feeling they had to live withContinue reading “Ali – Still funky in my fifties”

Deb – Is it cool to be cool?

Just about a year ago, a breath of fresh air descended upon me. Going by the name of Claire, she became my work colleague, friend and guru in all things hip and trendy. Offering advice from make-up tips, shopping at Primark and how not to use social media. (I still cringe at that Instagram incident!).  Continue reading “Deb – Is it cool to be cool?”