Deb – Getting a funky buzz on the Queen Bee

Walking along the front of Argostoli harbour, you could be forgiven for thinking that the wooden boat resembling an old pirate ship is just another of those touristy attractions that lures you on board in an effort to make you part with a few of your heard earned euros.

But at a mere fifty of them, the promise of unspoiled beaches and warm crystal clear waters to swim and dive in could tempt even the most cynical of us Brits, and with home cooked food included in the price, surely it has to be worth a chance.

So, as three of us fifty somethings decided to take that chance, off we trotted to meet the two young and very handsome owners of the boat who introduced themselves as Peter and George and welcomed us on board. And as Mama Angeliki delivered her home cooked food, we started to realise that perhaps the trip really was going to be fun and we weren’t being lured in purely for profit.

Once all of the other guests had arrived and settled in with coffee and pastries we set sail around the beautiful Argostoli coast. The views of the Greek buildings and the clear blue waters were literally breath taking, and our hosts expertly explained the history and customs of the island to us.

Our first stop, the White Rocks of Lassi, has the most stunning blue waters I have ever seen. We stop for a swim, and those who prefer not to take the plunge are transported to the beach in a dinghy in the very capable hands of Peter. We are served frappes on the beach, and after enjoying a refreshing swim or just taking in the sea air, guests either swim or are ‘dinghied’ back to the boat.

The Queen Bee

Another beach stop before lunch provides us with a further swim and exploration opportunity, and then what a delicious home cooked feast we are treated to! Salad, chicken, various Greek dishes, vegetarian dishes, all finished off with fresh fruit. And with unlimited wine and likeminded people as lunch guests, the conversation flowed until the plates were empty and we were ready for our next adventure.

This being XI beach, known for its rejuvenating clay which apparently makes your skin appear more youthful. Probably the only part of the trip which didn’t live up to expectations as I was hoping this fifty something female would now look forty something, but hey-ho, I guess you can’t have it all. Although I had fun trying!

The boys

And with our day nearly at an end, we sailed back to Argostoli, savouring every last moment of the cruise, dangling our feet in the water and enjoying the refreshing splash from the waves.  

This was 3 years ago, and we have enjoyed the cruise every year since, each time loving it just as much.

Peter and George have a way with people, they know how to adapt to each and every guest. We have seen them accompany lone females to the top of Rabbit Island, they are amazing with children and nothing is too much trouble for them. It doesn’t matter if you aren’t a strong swimmer or if you are nervous of the sea, they are there to help and they do it so well. It just goes to prove that no matter what your age, you can still let your hair down and have a funky day out at sea with the boys!

We always stop for a cocktail on our return to the hotel, where we relax and discuss the highlights of the day, always hoping that it won’t be too long until we are able to see these amazing, genuine boys again.

Just a real shame they’re not quite fifty something yet……..    But hey, we girls can dream!

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