Deb – (not so) lonely hearts

I was enjoying a chilled evening swiping left last night, when a thought whizzed through my mind.  

I remembered how as a teenager I would read with wonderment the ‘Lonely Heart’s’ section in the local paper and discuss with my friends who would do such a thing, and this made me realise how some forty years later, things really haven’t changed very much.

We may have gone from the local rag to the world-wide web, but the concept remains the same, and there’s no shame in it. The cool girls in my office do it, three happily married people I know did it, and two of my amazing friends have done it, both of whom are now in good relationships.

But it’s not all love and romance, there are definitely the strange ones. Between us, we have encountered (but not limited to….) the following….

  • Cross dressers – (fine if that’s your thing, but I’m new to this and really wasn’t expecting it)
  • BDSM – (I didn’t ask what he wanted in return for doing my grocery shopping, but I should have guessed something was amiss when he introduced himself as ‘Slave’ – who does that?) And yes, I did have to google it
  • Married men purely looking to fulfil their manly desires – (I guess at least they’re honest)
  • Recordings of passages narrated in the style of a Scottish Morgan Freeman – (although not quite as sexy)
  • The poet – (romantic maybe, but an initial ‘hello’ before the poetic onslaught would have been nice)
  • The one who suggested I wait for him in the queue as it’s all about ‘supply and demand’ – (So you’re Brad Pitt?)…… That don’t impress me much…………..

I wonder if back in the day the men behind the newspaper ads hid similar desires and secrets.  Gone are the days of describing yourself as purely having a GSOH – I mean let’s be honest, if they had expressed their genuine selves back in the seventies they’d probably still be locked up somewhere, and I don’t necessarily mean in prison. 

But we have evolved. It’s now ok to express yourself in any such way you want, and we won’t be offended. After all, we’re just funky fifty females looking for that little bit extra in our lives. It’s cool.

But, if there is such a thing as ‘normal’ anymore, it would be nice to have a filter for it. Please sir….

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