Ali and Deb – 2020, who knew!!

Every Saturday morning for two months we donned our Unitards (lol), and joined the local running group for an hour or so of physical and mental torture, and yes we were (kind of) enjoying our new hobby and the buzz we got from it.

We were also waiting for the right time to book a couple of trips, one to Holland to see Level 42 -what with Ali being a star fan, and Deb looking forward to a trip down memory lane, it was something we were really excited about, as were our prospective trips to Greece and Russia. And no prizes for guessing which one of us had entered ‘Miss Curvylicious’, in the hope of learning how to get her curvy modelling groove on…… 2020 really was looking promising.  

But, as we all know Covid19 reared its ugly head, meaning the Funky Fifty Females along with the rest of the population were forced to put their lives on hold while we witnessed the disease do its worse, and then hold our breaths in the hope our world would quickly recover.

Careers that allowed us to work from home were a blessing, daily exercise became a way to keep us sane, and meeting for a socially distanced walk soon became the highlight of our week.  Distance dating had also become a ‘thing’ and helped pass the long evenings with the odd ‘match’ when swiping right to help lighten the mood.

But as restrictions started to lift so did our spirits, and in true FFF style we embraced this with the gusto it so deserved. Between us, we booked flights to Tenerife, a mini country break and tickets to see the Brand New Heavies at the new ‘Drive in’ style concert. We were excited that at last we had things to look forward to.

But our euphoria was short-lived.

BOOM! Along came the cancellations – Event organiser concerns for local lockdowns, Spain’s surge in Covid19 cases, all in the words of Boris, ‘putting the brakes on’ our plans. Perhaps we had been hasty, perhaps we had been counting our chickens? But without a bit of chicken counting there would be nothing to look forward to, not for now at least.

So we won’t give up. And with our FFF zest for life we will continue to embrace the future, albeit a slightly precarious one. We have more overseas trips booked, tickets to see the BNH later in the year, we’re swimming and we’re going to the cinema. We’ve even booked to see the Human League in December 2021, now that’s what we call optimism!

And in this new world of ours, we Funky Fifty Females will not succumb to night after night of Netflix, we will not be deterred when our swipe rights don’t return a match, and we will not allow this virus to continue dampening our spirits. And despite the curse of the lockdown belly bulge, there’s a chance that there could still be the making of a Curvylicious model amongst us!

Because let’s face it, in the year 2020, stranger things have certainly happened……

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