Deb – My funky female friend Susan

Meeting with a very good friend recently reminded me how important true friendships really are.

Susan and I met at work some years ago, and despite me being twenty years her senior we hit it off straight away. We seemed to share a mutual bond, we thought alike to the point of being able to know what the other was thinking, I guess you could say we were on the same wavelength.

We would spend our days out on the road, always taking pride in our work while at the same time having a good time doing it. Carrying out an inspection in the wrong house was just one of the many ‘faux pas’ of our working life together, although we even did that professionally – the unsuspecting tenant didn’t have a clue that we shouldn’t have been there…. Boy did we ‘lol’ about that!

A couple of years later, Susan left work to start a family and although we initially stayed connected with the occasional meal and a glass (ahem, bottle) or two of wine, when she moved out of the area it became more difficult and over time as is often the case, life got in the way. Until our only connection was the occasional message or post on Facebook.

Or the one time we spotted each other miles away in Dorset, that same bitter sweet day I sadly learnt that she had split from her husband.

When the same thing happened to me, I knew I could reach out to her. I knew that she would be able to give me sensible advice, and she did just that. She made me feel I was not alone and that there is life after divorce.  Susan has the ability to see beyond the obvious, look at hidden meanings and consider the small things in life that can prove tricky, and she makes me belly laugh. The nicknames we gave our newly ex-spouses to this day make me ‘lol’…. The ice-cream dilemma she found herself in with the new boyfriend’s ex-wife still tickles me – It’s the little things, eh?  

Single life clearly isn’t all bad!

So, as we recently sat in the shade drinking ‘Lemonade at the Allotment’. (said in a posh voice), we pondered our lives – its dilemmas, our achievements, our families, our ex’s, our newbies, it was like things had never changed between us. And when it was time to walk back to our cars, we discussed the benefits of growing your own fruit and veg, how expensive sheds are nowadays and how we could potentially get one ‘on the cheap’. (posh voices long gone).

Our paths in life have been similar. We both married around the same time, we both separated around the same time, and we’re both dipping our toes in single waters at the same time.

And it’s clear to see that although our lives have now changed, our connection hasn’t. I know that whatever the future holds for us both, our friendship is important and that connection will always be there.

And we’ll continue to laugh at the same things, drink lemonade, and when the opportunity arises, share a glass (or bottle) or two of wine together………

2 thoughts on “Deb – My funky female friend Susan

  1. Great reading, and how true it is to have solid friendships, no matter how long you haven’t seen them for what ever reason.
    Look forward to your next adventure with the newbies…


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