Deb – Online dating, is it for me?

Having lunch with my lovely friends one Saturday afternoon, we couldn’t help but notice the couple sitting next to us who seemed to be on a first date. For me, the awkwardness between them felt excruciating and affirmed my belief that dating really wasn’t going to be my thing. Especially if it meant meeting someone in person, on a date, for the first time. I thought then that there was no way I would put myself through that agony.

Plus, what if he was any of the following?

Married; Scammer; Serial killer

Or even worse, what if we had nothing to say to each other?

And with those doubts and potential death inducing situations racing through my mind, I poured another glass of pinot to help drive them away and quickly brought myself back to reality.

In the following weeks, despite suggestions from well-meaning friends and family, I resisted the temptation to have a stab (no pun intended) at online dating. It was still early days in the marriage break up, and I didn’t want to have any more complications in my life.  

Well, that was the plan.

Then a very good friend of mine started dating, and following a lovely evening out together eating curry and drinking (lots of) wine, yes you’ve guessed it, I registered myself on a dating app.  I spent until early the next morning exchanging messages with various men, and it seems at that point I had become a little taken with the whole online dating scene, and so a new interest was borne. There was the criminal defence lawyer from London, the gym fanatic from Barnet, the mechanic from somewhere south of me, the trombone player from Slough, and lots of ‘CEO’s from various parts of the South East.

I can honestly say I only found one of them interesting, but the others had some personality potential and so I continued to stay in touch, until each one of them (except the criminal defence lawyer from London) fizzled out. I really wasn’t brave enough to actually go on that dreaded first date, it being far too much out of my comfort zone.

But at least I had put all my pre-conceptions behind me. In fact I would go so far as to say it gave me a great way to distract from the sometimes harsh realities of life, and in a fun way. I’m not saying that it’s everyone’s cup of tea, but if you are considering it and have a fairly thick skin, then with an open mind give it a go.

You may be like my good friend and find your new soul mate, or you could just be unlucky and bag yourself a criminal defence lawyer from London.

6 thoughts on “Deb – Online dating, is it for me?

  1. Good for you, nothing ventured, nothing gained.
    I met my husband through online dating, although I did meet a few frogs
    before I met my Prince. Have Faith… 👍 xx

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      1. I met my fella almost 20 years ago,and we’re still going strong..
        Although we didn’t meet online I wouldn’t think twice about giving it a go now . (If I was looking for someone.) I know a few people who have met through online dating and it has worked for them. Its the way to do it now.

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