Deb – Is it cool to be cool?

Just about a year ago, a breath of fresh air descended upon me. Going by the name of Claire, she became my work colleague, friend and guru in all things hip and trendy. Offering advice from make-up tips, shopping at Primark and how not to use social media. (I still cringe at that Instagram incident!).  

Claire is wise beyond her years and carries the sort of confidence that even Donald Trump would give his right arm for! As such I look to her for guidance in many ways, so when she recently gave me a ‘shout out’ on how I had inspired her to do a 5k park run (this from the girl who has done the London marathon), I was chuffed to bits.

But, you see, that’s where the issue lies, me saying things like ‘chuffed to bits’. For Claire recently went on a date with an older man, and all was going well until he asked her did she want to change into a ‘frock’ for when they go to ‘supper’, and this is where it all went wrong, the dreaded use of ‘Old Words’. And so, the older man quickly became an ex.

Nothing really wrong with this I hear you say, except Claire has now given me a complex about my use of old words. She once pulled me up for describing the weather as ‘Bitter’. This resulted in a heated office debate, as did the use of the word ‘Chemist’ (apparently Pharmacy is the new Chemist). And with an average office age of thirty five at that time, and being clearly out of my depth, I had no argument and I now question how I should be communicating in a manner becoming of a woman (or is it lady?) of my age. I mean, I’m just starting to put myself out there and I don’t want any potential suitors thinking I’m old before my time! That really wouldn’t be cool.

Which brings me to my point, can I use words such as ‘cool’ in conversation? Or is it now an ‘old word’, in which case is it now uncool? And does that mean its ok for me to use it?  Or if Its still a cool word am I too old for it, making it uncool for me to use it?  I’m sooooo confused, which, incidentally, really isn’t cool!

So Claire, I’m now ‘reaching out to you’ – please, please help me navigate this tricky world of word coolness. I’ll give you a call after supper to discuss ………….

3 thoughts on “Deb – Is it cool to be cool?

    1. Claire was showing me a photo of her ex boyfriend with his new girlfriend, double clicked thinking it would expand the photo, but it sent a ‘love heart’ through, from Claire’s Instagram. She was not impressed, it seems you can’t undo Instagram stuff.


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