Ali – Single, never married

So here I am. Mid 50s and single, never married, no kids. Not a conscious decision for me –  although I’ve enjoyed a satisfying career, I always imagined I’d marry and have kids. I remember when I was in my 30s, Bridget Jones came along and gave all us singletons hope of a happy ever after. But two decades later, here I am. A few relationships further down the line, no Bridget Jones ending, and my single-never-married-no-kids status remains the same.

It’s not always easy, the stigma around being (in my case) unmarried remains and sometimes it’s lonely, too. Added to that, I’ve no family ties (that’s another story for another day). But the key for me is how to make the most of my life and find ways to tackle those difficult days.

And that’s what this blog aims to do – inspire, support, debate. We will look at things like dating, friendships, work and how we navigate these. Debra and I have arrived here via different paths. What we have in common is, yes, we are in our 50s but still fun, feisty, full of life and far from frumpy.


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