Deb – Married, now single

My dear old dad was a man of few words, but I do remember him once saying to me that as one door closes, another opens. Wise words from the old(ish) man!

Fast forward forty years when my husband decided he wanted a life without me, I thought it impossible to believe that my door would ever open again. 

I remember that horrible night when I had searched the streets for him in the worry that he had come to some kind of grisly end, and I now know that that night was in fact the beginning of our end.  

The panic of realising I was now in my mid-fifties, single and without much to call my own was overwhelming.  And then, just a few weeks after him leaving, seeing his relationship status change on Facebook (is this what the world has come to?) was the turning point I needed.  I chose to stay away from the whole social media scene and tried my best to confide only in those people close to me.

His text asking for a divorce really was the icing on the cake that made me realise that our marriage was over.

So, this is the reason I became single at my age, not something that was in my life plan. But now, almost a year later, and newly armed with a fascination for all things single, along with my new buddy Alison who I met on a writing course (watch this space….), I have started to believe that yes, my door will open again. I am embracing that belief with both hands wide open, and I really hope you’ll join us, these two fifty-somethings,  as we a take a look at life and attempt to navigate our way through these potentially dangerous single waters!

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